R&D Tax Credit Advance Funding

Bathgate Business Finance has recently started working in partnership with a specialist R&D Tax Credit Advance Funding lender.

R&D tax credits are a government tax incentive that can be extremely beneficial and lucrative to businesses, yet businesses often find them overly complex, and many do not even realise that they are eligible.

What’s more, between submission and pay out, there’s often a lengthy wait, further deterring some business owners from considering them.

However, with the right advice and lender, R&D tax credits can help unlock working capital and relieve cash flow for yours or your client’s businesses.

As well as helping clients with the submission, the Funder is also able to help clients who have already submitted and received approval on a claim from HMRC.

Bathgate introduced one client, who had received approval on an R&D Tax Credit claim for £49k from HMRC, to our Funder.

The Funder was able to provide a loan for the approved amount to the client within four days of the client making the application, allowing it to inject the cash into the business and continue development plans. The loan will now be repaid on receipt of the tax claim.

Chris McLoughlin, BDM at Bathgate Business Finance, said: “Working with our R&D tax credit advance funding lender has been a game changer for our clients.

“Guided by your business finance specialist, the funder can support with their R&D Tax Credit submissions, and then loan them the amount that is owed within days.

“This removes the burden of the six – 12 weeks for the money to arrive, supporting cash flow until the tax rebate arrives and the loan can be settled.”

To find out more about R&D Tax Credit Advance Funding, contact Chris McLoughlin on 07990 012266 or email chris@bathgatebf.co.uk