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About Bathgate Business Finance

Traditional values:
Modern solutions

We are a ‘business to business’ finance provider and our aim, very simply, is to give our customers access to the advice and appropriate funding they require. 

Our Background

Established back in 1991 as Bathgate Leasing Ltd, we have since developed into a fully fledged Business Finance Solutions provider serving the UK’s increasingly important SME market.  Being a small privately owned company ourselves, we fit firmly with the SME category and can readily empathise with the frustrations that often arise during day-to-day business operations.

We fully understand that access to finance is a fundamental requirement for any business and our role is not only to find the appropriate solution, but to also ensure that it is explained and implemented in our customers’ best interests.  To achieve this we are fortunate to have an enviable level of discretion and flexibility as we are in the privileged position to both lend our own money and introduce deals to other finance providers.  The combination of being able to make in-house underwriting decisions or, if the fit is better, to place the deal with another finance provider, is something we know is very unique.

We value traditional methods of working and recognise the benefits, both to us and our clients, of face-to-face customer meetings wherever appropriate – this way of working has led to us being referred to as ‘the modern equivalent of an old fashioned bank manager’ and we take pride in this comparison – however, this should not come as a surprise as at our last count, our relatively small team had in excess of 90 years worth of banking experience and training behind them.

We have always invested in our systems and infrastructure, and this modern technology, when combined with our traditional values, has produced an exciting and vibrant company with excellent core values.

Our Services

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Hire Purchase

A finance agreement where the buyer can purchase and get the benefit of immediate use of the equipment, whilst spreading the cost over an agreed period, typically 3 to 5 years – deposits can be minimal and VAT, if applicable, is dealt with at the outset of the agreement.

Bathgate Business Finance not only lend their own money, having their own finance book, but have 20 additional syndicated funder partners ensuring that any deal of any size can be considered.

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