What can we offer you?

Sale and Leaseback

This is where you transfer ownership of certain assets, like vehicles or property, to a third party and then lease it back for a monthly fee. Any assets must be owned outright as sale and leaseback can’t be used for any asset with outstanding finance.

What are the benefits of sale and leaseback?
As well as freeing up money, a sale and leaseback helps you budget as you know how much will be coming out every month for the payments.

You’ll also still be able to use any assets you transfer ownership of as you do today. If that’s the building your business operates from for example, you won’t have to move out or do anything differently, so there’s no disruption. Cars and vehicles can still be driven by you or your staff every day after the transfer as if it was your own.

Another advantage is that you won’t be responsible for (or have to pay for) the day-to-day or long-term maintenance of the asset.

There are tax advantages too, as you can claim the monthly payments as a business expense.


How do I know if I’m eligible?

Factors including how long you’ve been trading for will be taken into account. There might also be restrictions around certain vehicles, and annual mileage allowances could be built into agreements. This will all be explained to you beforehand.

Think sale and leaseback might be right for you?

If we can’t provide you with a sale and leaseback agreement, we’ve got access to over 100 commercial partner lenders, who will be able to help you find what you need.

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