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Our Approach

Traditional values:
Modern solutions

A typical customer

The interesting thing about a typical Bathgate Business Finance customer is that there is simply no such thing – we deal with a wide range of businesses/organisations looking for many forms of finance for an almost endless number of commercial reasons.

That being said, our customers do tend to be either established well-run organisations, or newer starts with strong financial and personal commitment from the owners.  Beyond this, the combination of business sector, finance requirement and reasons for the funding are reassuringly diverse!

For example, amongst our existing customers, we have sole traders, partnerships, limited companies including PLCs and a number of public bodies including councils and NHS for whom we have arranged a variety of finance facilities. 

How we add value

We are a relationship led business and as such, we don’t just want to write a one-off transaction – our philosophy is to advise and assist with your immediate requirement, but then to continue to work closely with you and your business going forward.

Initially, it may be that we just offer advice, but it could also be a comprehensive review of all your business with an updated financial proposal.  We have a great deal of business experience within Our Team in providing financial solutions to meet many business challenges, and have built up a comprehensive panel of funders and professional advisors which enable us to do this.

We work closely with Banks, Invoice Discounting and Factoring companies, as well as Asset Finance and Corporate Financiers, Independent Financial Advisors, Accountants and other professionals.

We are a Funder ourselves, lending our own money, and being independent are not constrained by credit committees or potentially restrictive large company policies – this enables us to write agreements that other funders might not consider and to do so within a very quick time frame.

In addition to offering fast in-house decisions we are also able to act as a finance broker, and have some 20 syndicated partner funders – together with our own book funding, we are able to look at any size or type of finance proposal – we do not have a tick box policy - when considering any opportunity, we look at the business and the people behind and within it, and understand the need to take a common sense approach.

The same applies to Invoice Discounting & Factoring as well as our Property related lending – we have a wide range of supporting speciality funders and we use our expertise and knowledge to match each opportunity.

Bathgate Business Finance has many years worth of experience working with business partners; from suppliers and finance brokers on the asset finance side to finance professionals and indeed any business with a client base that has a need for sound financial advice.

Lastly, and very importantly, we understand that our relationships are two-way, and we continue to support reciprocal business with all of Bathgate’s partners.