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Waste management company - Commercial FEL wheeled bins

Sector: WASTE MANAGEMENT | Value: £30,525
Equipment type: WASTE CONTAINERS | Term: 3 YEARS

A well known waste management company came to us for a lease against 25 commercial waste bins.

  • Long established customer of Bathgate Leasing
  • With most asset funders being more comfortable when the assets being funded are identifiable, this deal was challenging for many other asset finance fundersCommercial_wheely_bins.jpg
  • Whilst the wheeled bins have serial numbers, they are not kept on-site at our customer's premises
  • Our customer has third party contacts and the wheeled bins are used by their customers, at numerous third party customer premises, with a wide geographical spread
  • Location of asset is an issue to a funder and funding this type of asset can be a challenge with many household name asset finance providers not wishing to be involved
  • Bathgate had written several of these agreements for this customer and the knowledge of similar deals assisted the underwriting of this agreement
  • Finance written over 3 years with minimal deposit to aid customer's up-front cash-flow
  • Hire Purchase agreement with VAT paid up-front
  • Supplier paid by TT on day of installation completion